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At Blossom we believe that every child is unique. We care for the whole child, not just as a student but as a fully capable human being. We provide a child-centered true Montessori program in the heart of Beijing CBD. We consider the emotional, intellectual, physical, and social development of the child, from 6 to 12 years old, with both Lower and Upper Elementary classrooms. Our teachers are certified and trained, constantly seeking for personal and professional growth. Our materials are regularly updated to follow our children's needs and growth. The teacher : students ratio is voluntarily kept low, as to  offer a tailor made education which is able to follow and nurture any aspect of your child's growth. Thanks to the hands-on learning, the prepared materials and the personalized curricula, our students go beyond the expectations and have a strong academic foundations for the next steps on their learning path. The program is multilingual, with a strong attention to Chinese language.

Safety is our priority, hence we follow a strict pollution policy, with a threshold of  US AQI 150 for any outdoor activity. Our space is regularly checked by Environment Assured in order to offer the best indoor quality possible, with state of the art machines and constant air and water monitoring.

At Blossom we embrace Zero Waste as part of our Environmental Awareness project.

Diverse environment, multilingual curriculum, trained educators and top-quality materials will give your child the chance of naturally unfold the full potential, with a strong academic foundation. Come visit us!

在布拉森姆,我们相信每个孩子都是独一无二的。我们关注孩子的整体性,更多地把孩子看作一个有完全能力的人而不仅仅是学生。我们位于CBD的中心位置,在此提供以孩子为中心的纯正的蒙特梭利教育。我们专注于6—12岁孩子在混龄环境中的情感、智力、身体和社会感等方面的全面发展。具有蒙特梭利资格认证和经过培训的老师,持之以恒地寻求个人和专业方面的不断提高。我们的教具将根据孩子的需要和成长不断更新。我们不分等和计分,取而代之地,我们在孩子发展的各方面对他/她进行评估。安全是我们优先考量的因素,因此我们遵循严格的污染保护原则,任何户外活动以空气质量指数150为极限。我们的活动空间将由Environment Assured公司利用最先进的仪器常规检测和不间断监测,从而尽可能地提供最优的室内空气质量。在布拉森姆我们把“零浪费”作为我们环境意识计划的一部分。


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