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Welcome to Blossom Montessori!


In the heart of Beijing, Blossom offers a true Montessori Programme for children 6 to 12 years old, Lower and Upper Elementary. The human-sized environment and the low teacher/student ratio guarantee a tailor made education and a strong academic preparation.

Our programme runs daily, from 8.30 am to 3.30 pm and it is fully multilingual, with kids being exposed to English, Chinese, Spanish and French.


We take care of every aspect of the learning experience: prepared environment, top quality materials, qualified teachers, a wide range of extra activities. Our indoor air and water are constantly monitored by Environment Assured, and results are shared with parents through the official app. Food quality is the highest, with both catering and in-house kitchen.


Our prime location is easily reachable by taxi, subway and bus. Outdoor facilities are top-notch, with a beautiful and well-cared garden, a pond and a safe playground. Indoor space has been designed by a well-known Italian firm, working with best contractors and craftsmen to guarantee state-of-the-art facilities. Materials are all imported or hand-made, under our close supervision. 



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Blossom follows an Environmental Awareness programme which aims to reduce waste and our impact on the environment.


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Our Classes


We offer Montessori program for the age group 6-12.


  • Ages 6-9 Lower Elementary  6-9岁低龄班 

  • Ages 9-12 Upper Elementary  9-12岁高龄班

Events & Workshops

Winter Workshop Series

This series is for all Parents, Caregivers and Educator who live and work with children between 6 and 12 years old.

We offer continuous education and professional support. Support your child, tune up with her and become aware of the amazing stage of middle and late childhood with scientific support and evidence based information.
Free for Blossom Montessori families.

Contact us here to register.

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Second Plane of Development
The Rebirth of your Child

Blossom Montessori offers continuous support to families and educators who would like to understand better this special Plane of Development that is the 6-12 age group.
We welcome silent observers, volunteers and offer as well workshops and continuous professional development opportunities.


Contact us here for information.

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