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Our Environment 

Our environment is open and dedicated to children from 6 to 12 years old. Children are divided into two groups, approximately 6 to 9 and 9 to 12. As we follow every child's learning path, groups may overlap at times and placement will reflect your child's personal progresses.


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Lower Elementary 6 - 9


Children in this age group are constantly moving between their concrete experiences and the new abstract concepts they discover every day. It is the age of "big questions" and big discoveries. Their brain is approaching the "blooming or pruning" stage, the reasoning and cognitive control improves. Big emotions challenge them everyday. They need space and yet a secure guidance to discover their own path.


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Upper Elementary 9 - 12


The abstract thinking is now taking the lead. This is the age of "reasoning": children are starting to see the bigger picture, look past themselves, and figure out things that would have completely eluded them a few years before. They need a guide now who is able to help them bring their abstract thoughts into concrete experiences. On the emotional side, they need to learn how to constructively address their emotions outwards.


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Going Out Activities

Go explore! 去探索!


Outings and field trips are key in Montessori education. Children belong to the world and the world belongs to them! We all need to learn how to move into the ever-changing world through experience. We will integrate field trips and outings in our program as often as we can, weather pending. Information will be sent out to families accordingly.



Extra Activities

Unfold your talents! 展现你的才能!


We care for the whole child. Our aim is to offer an environment where the child feels free to explore her/his own talents and finds her/his own way. We cooperate with the best professional trainers in the city to offer art, music, yoga, ballet and more. Language classes are also available throughout the year.


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